EMQ X Broker provides emqx_statsd plug-in, which is used to output the monitoring data of the system to the third-party monitoring system.

Take Prometheus as an example:

emqx_statsd supports pushing data to Pushgateway, which is then pulled by Promethues Server for storage.

Note: emqx_statsd does not support the pull operation of Prometheus.


The emqx_statsd plugin internally starts a timer to collect the monitoring data in EMQ X Broker every interval.

For the specific fields and meanings of the monitoring data pushed by emqx_statsd, see Metrics & Stats

The configuration file is located in etc/plugins/emqx_statsd.conf, where:

Configuration Type Optional value Default value Description
push.gateway.server string - Prometheus' PushGateway address
interval integer > 0 5000 Push interval, unit: ms

Grafana Data template

The emqx_statsd plugin provides Grafana ’s Dashboard template files. These templates contain the display of all EMQ X Broker monitoring data. Users can directly import them into Grafana and select icons that display the monitoring status of EMQ X Broker.

The template file is located:emqx_statsd/grafana_template

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