Monitor and Alert

EMQ X Cloud provides a complete monitoring and alerting solution

To view the monitoring and alerting of your deployments, navigate to the EMQ X Cloud console Click the corresponding deployment to view the monitoring metrics, logs, and alerts.


Click the metric to navigate to the deployment metrics page, where you can view the deployment metrics information.


EMQX real time metrics

In the stats module, provide the number of metrics in the latest period. From left to right:

  1. Number of connections

  2. Number of retained

  3. Number of subscriptions

  4. Number of shared subscriptions

  5. Number of topics


EMQX incremental metrics

The page also provides four incremental metrics: message, client, message, and delivery.

Move the mouse over the chart to view the details of a certain time point.



It shows the incremental situation of message sending and receiving in the period. Providing three metrics:

metric meaning
messages_dropped EMQ X total number of messages dropped before internal forwarding to subscription process
messages_received number of messages received from the client
messages_send number of messages sent to the client

It shows the incremental interaction with the client during the period. It provides the following four metrics:

metric meaning
client_connected number of successful client connections
client_disconnected number of clients disconnects
client_subscribe number of client subscriptions
client_unsubscribe number of clients unsubscribes

It shows the incremental number of bytes sent and received in a period. It provides the following two metrics:

metric meaning
send_kibibytes kilobytes of the message sent
received_kibibytes kilobytes of received message

It shows the increment of the number of messages dropped in the period and provides the following one metric:

metric meaning
delivery_ Dropped the total number of messages dropped when sent


Click log to navigate to the deployment log page, where you can view the deployment log.



Click the alert to navigate to the deployment's alert page, where you can view the deployment alert.


EMQ X Cloud provides the following five-alarm prompts

alert type alert service alert level trigger condition
connections-high load_ Balancer warning deployment connection number is greater than 90% of purchase specification
traffic-high load_ Balancer warning sudden increase in traffic
CPU high instance warning instance CPU load utilization rate is greater than 75%
Memory high instance warning instance memory usage rate is greater than 75%
Filesystem high instance warning instance disk usage is greater than 75%

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