# Create a free trial deployment

For users who use EMQ X Cloud for the first time, we have prepared an opportunity for you to create a free trial deployment for up to 7 days. The free trial deployment is an ideal way for you to learn and explore the features of EMQ X Cloud. Before creating a free trial deployment, you need to understand that the free trial has the following limitations:

  • Free trial up to 7 days.

    If you need to extend the free trial period, you can submit a ticket or email (cloud@emqx.io) to get in touch with us

  • For ordinary users, it allows up to 25 client connections.

  • Use EMQ X's own functions such as rule engine and monitoring management.

  • Supports MQTT, WebSockets protocol connections.

  • If you need other protocol support, you can submit a ticket or send an email (cloud@emqx.io) to get in touch with us

  • Customizing TLS/SSL and creating VPC peering connection are not supported.

# Start creating a free trial deployment

# 1. Login to EMQ X Cloud Console (opens new window)


# 2. Click the Create Deployment button


# 3. Choose a free trial cloud platform


# 4. Click to deploy now, and agree to EMQ X standard terms of service and free trial statement


# 5. Wait for 5 ~ 10 minutes until the deployment status is running


# Connect to your free trial deployment

Before connecting to your free trial deployment, you need to wait for the free trial deployment status chaning from pending to running

# 1. Get free trial connection information

Click the free trial deployment to be connected, and you will enter the deployment details page. The corresponding ports of the protocol are as follows:

Protocol Port
MQTT 1883
Websockets 8083


# 2. Add client authentication information

Click the EMQ X Dashboard button on the deployment details page, you will enter the EMQ X Dashboard, and click the Authentication and ACL menu on the left


# 3.Connect to free trial deployment with MQTT X

EMQ X Cloud recommends using MQTT X (opens new window) to test the connection to the free trial.

  • MQTT connection


  • Websockets connection


# 4. Use SDK or other tools to connect to the free trial deployments