# Get Started with EMQ X Cloud

Welcome to EMQ X Cloud! EMQ X Cloud is the first fully hosted MQTT 5.0 public cloud service in the world. With the support of EMQ X Cloud, you can create an EMQ X cluster on the cloud and use all the features of EMQ X Enterprise Edition. This allows you to spend more time on business connections and less time for EMQ X operation, maintenance, and management. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating and connecting to EMQ X Cloud deployment. Before starting, let's review some core concepts and phrases:

  • Deployment: EMQ X Enterprise cluster hosted on EMQ X Cloud

  • Basic Plan: Single node version of EMQ X Enterprise

  • Professional Plan: An EMQ X Enterprise Edition cluster with separate networks, instances, and load balancing

You can follow these steps shown below to quickly complete the EMQ X Cloud QuickStart.

  1. Login/Register EMQ X Cloud account

EMQ X Cloud offers one 30-day free trial of basic plan, and a 14-day free trial of the professional plan for each user (Professional plan free trial is available after you bind the credit card). add_users

  1. Visit EMQ X Cloud console (opens new window) and create a free trial deployment


  2. Visit Authentication & ACL page to add authentication information


  3. Click the menu on the left to get the deployment connection information and ports


  4. Use the MQTT client or SDK that you are familiar with to connect to the deployment authentication